Insulated Delivery Backpack Isopack 50

Without a doubt the best insulated delivery backpack for Uber Eats or Deliveroo

The only backpack that can also carry pizzas horizontaly

Worn on the back, this is a traditional insulated backpack to carry all types of meals.

Installed on the handlebars, it allows you to deliver pizzas horizontaly

Stem mount is optional but required for pizzas

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39,00 € tax incl.

From 35,10 € for your 1st order (tell me more)

From 35,10 € for your 1st order (tell me more)

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Weight1,4 Kg

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A backpack designed for food delivery

After inventing the insulated bag holder for bicycle handlebars, HPA is once again innovating in the field of food delivery bags.

One bag, 2 ways to use it

We had the idea to combine 2 functions in a single bag:

  • an isothermal backpack
  • a pizza bag compatible with our stem mount

Where previously 2 bags (a backpack and a pizza bag) were needed, the ISOPACK 50 bag can ensure the 2 functions alone.

One bag is more convenient and cheaper !

Sac à dos isotherme pour livreur à vélo Uber Eats ou Deliveroo

Sac à dos isotherme pour livreur à vélo Uber Eats ou Deliveroo

With a volume between 40 and 50 liters, the bag can load even large orders.

Flat, the base of 40 cm x 40 cm can store even the largest pizzas.

Made of PVC tarpaulin, the bag is waterproof but the closure is not waterproof. We designed the bag in such a way that the closure is not exposed to rain.

Sac à dos isotherme pour livreur à vélo Uber Eats ou Deliveroo

Sac à dos isotherme pour livreur à vélo Uber Eats ou Deliveroo

HPA marking in reflective material increases visibility at night.

One bag to deliver all types of food

Delivery of burgers, sushi, pizzas, kebab for Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Frichti, Nestor or other platforms, the isothermal backpack ISOPACK 50 allows you to deliver everything.

Sac de livraison isotherme

Sac de livraison isotherme

An insulated bag designed for pizza delivery

Install the bag on its handlebar mount (available as an option), and you get a flat 40 cm x 40 cm surface ideal for transporting pizzas horizontaly.

support de cintre

Support de cintre pour sac isotherme

The mount is available in 2 versions depending on the type of stem, whether it is inclined downwards or inclined upwards.

If your stem is horizontal, choose the model for stem inclined down. You will adjust the position of the support arms by folding them when mounted on your bike.

Be sure to choose the right model for your bike.

Support de cintre pour sac isotherme

The mount can be attached to the bag when you wear it on the back.

Best delivery bag for Uber Eats ?

Yes, we sincerely believe that the ISOPACK 50 bag and stem bracket is the best (and cheapest) solution to deliver all Uber Eats orders in the best conditions, even pizzas.

Rather than leaving a big deposit to recover your Uber Eats bag, invest in an ISOPACK 50 that will allow you to deliver also for other food delivery platforms.

Usable as delivery bag for Deliveroo too ?

All HPA delivery bags can be used to deliver all platforms. Without marking referring to one or other of the platforms, you can use a single bag to deliver everything!


ratingSac de livraison isotherme
Ahmed M. on 2019-11-18

Je suis vraiment impressionné par ce sac isotherme 2en1 qui peut être à la fois sac à dos et aussi sac à pizza. En plus il est imperméable, je suis rester 2 heures sous la pluie en livraison et les commandes etaient toujours chaudes et intactes.


Tout est dit....

Je certifie que l'on ne se connaît pas, que vous n'êtes pas de ma famille et que nous ne vous avons pas payé pour écrire ce commentaire ;-)

Serigne G. on 2019-11-11Bien pratique léger
ratingIsopack 50
Vasseur M. on 2019-10-30

Rapport qualité prix au top


Merci. Nous en sommes également convaincu

ratingtrès bien
Greg g. on 2019-10-29Super sac, très spacieux, bien isotherme, juste la fermeture eclair un peu dure
ratingSac iso
Mamadou K. on 2019-10-24

Bonsoir ,je suis très content de mon achat je le recommande a tous ...merci hPa shop


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