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    New ZIP68 range Made of TPU 420D and fitted with a 100% watertight/airtight zip, the Infladry 25 bag will become the new standard waterproof bag for all water and outdoor activities. The bag has a 100% waterproof front pocket and a removable interior compartment for a laptop.

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    Synthèse parfaite entre un sac de type duffle bag (polochon) et un sac à dos grâce à son système de portage ergonomique et sa modularité : bretelles escamotables, poignées de portage amovibles et bandoulière pouvant être positionnées sur de multiples points d'accroches. Dimensions : Longueur : 60 cm Largeur : 35cm Hauteur : 23cm Poids : 2.2 kg

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    New ZIP68 range The Infladry 5 bag is a versatile 100% waterproof bag thanks to its TPU 420D construction and its truly watertight and airtight zip. Width: 27 cm Height: 18 cm Thickness: 10 cm Volume: 6 liters The bag comes with a belt and a shoulder strap. Belt max length: 130 cm

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    Un sac polochon étanche à l'immersion Le sac polochon INFLADRY DUFFLE sera votre nouveau compagnon dans vos aventures humides. Réalisé en TPU soudé par ultrasons et équipé d'un zip étanche, il protègera son contenu même pendant une immersion accidentelle. Idéal pour toutes vos sorties en mer, voile légère ou hauturière, Kayak, Paddle, Jet ski... Volume 30...

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    The MOLLEDRY is the first waterproof backpack fitted with loops at the MOLLE military standard. The Molledry is discontinued and will be replaced by a new model in the fall

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    DRY DUFFLE 90 is the semi-waterproof carrying case with all tests with excellence. It was developed in conjunction with the technical service SNSM (National Society for Sea Rescue) team and all rescuers since spring 2009.

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    DRY BACKPACK 25 is the new backpack 100% waterproof HPA. Used both for leisure activities (kayaking, SUP, canyoning, scuba diving, spearfishing, ...) and for professional uses (rescue, offshore, PPE, etc.), it was specifically designed and reinforced to resist the worst conditions.

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    DRY BACKPACK 40 HD (Heavy Duty) is the new backpack 100% waterproof HPA. Used both for leisure activities (kayaking, SUP, canyoning, scuba diving, spearfishing, ...) and for professional uses (rescue, offshore, PPE, etc.), it was specifically designed and reinforced to resist the worst conditions.

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    DRY DUFFLE 50 HD (Heavy Duty) is probably the most advanced waterproof bag designed by hPa. Its size (50 liters) makes it suitable for most leisure activities requiring a waterproof bag: weekend or day boat, kayak, fishing trip ...

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    DRY DUFFLE 50 ZIP HD is an ultra-rugged semi-waterproof bag with a zip closure oversized YKK allowing quick and easy access to contents.

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    The new small semi-waterproof bag HPA. Made entirely waterproof PVC fabric, assembled by high frequency welding, and fitted with a waterproof zip. Its size makes it compatible with all the bags of the range HPA.

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    This small versatile waterproof waist bag will accompany you everywhere. Worn at the waist or on the shoulder, you can put your phone as well as your identity papers, money or any other things you want to keep with you in a wet environment. Width: 20cm Height: 14cm Zip opening: 17 cm

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    The STUFF SACKS HPA waterproof bags are lightweight but sturdy (much more than models in silnylon or Cordura / nylon 30D ) to protect from the effects of moisture during outdoor activities.

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    LE sac pour les conditions les plus extrêmes Directement dérivé des produits réalisés pour les Forces Spéciales, l'Infladry 50 HD en reprend le concept et la fabrication. Nous avons juste retiré les fonctionnalités propres aux besoins militaires. Sac IP68 en conception double enveloppe Enveloppe externe en nylon 1680D Enveloppe interne IP68 en nylon 840D...

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    A full range of bags "tubes" 100% watertight closure with folding rolling, seamless assembled by HF welding.SWELL range of products are intended to protect the contents of the most extreme outdoor conditions.

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    A bag designed to equip the IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) lifeboat. No webbing impedes the movement of the teammates in the boat. The bag is equipped with many passing on its back side to attach to the boat. The carabiners are not provided with the bag.

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hPa, waterproof bag specialist

hPa offers a complete range of luggage and waterproof backpacks for all aquatic and outdoor activities requiring perfect protection of your equipment. Backpacks, tube bags, for fishing, sailing, kayaking, biking: the HPA range covers all needs where sealing matters.

The waterproof bag is part of the basic equipment for any trip out to sea or even on the beach. It will protect your business from the aggression of water, dust or sand. For any excursion or hike, a waterproof bag will keep your gear away from rain and moisture. You will then have the choice between 2 solutions: take a completely waterproof bag, but that can sometimes seem a bit heavy for several days of steps, or use light bags such as stuff sack to fit in a normal bag and turn it waterproof .

Dry Backpack40 Yellow to the poles

How to choose a waterproof bag

Depending on the type of bag, the closure mode differs. There are "rolled" type closures also named "Roll Top", widespread on tube bags, and "zip" type closures, more suitable for a duffel bag. The "pinched" closures (bars that press the walls of the bag to seal) are reserved for waterproof pouches.

hPa now offers backpacks with waterproof zips. These bags are resistant to prolonged immersion.

The different criteria for choosing a waterproof bag are its shape (duffel, backpack, pouch ...), its volume, its material and its type of closure that will ensure its level of tightness.

The choice of a waterproof bag must take into account several criteria that will depend on the use and level of tightness sought.

The main criteria are:

  • the level of tightness
  • the type of bag (backpack, duffel ...) and its type of closure
  • the volume of the bag

The level of tightness:

The level of tightness of a product is identified by its IP protection rating. If you would like to know more about the protection ratings, consult our guide regarding sealing standards

We will go through the main uses of a waterproof bag here and associate the recommended level of IP protection. Of course, an IP index higher than the recommended index will also be perfect for use.

Table des indices de protection IP

Urban bikingIPX4
Nautical activitiesIPX6
Hiking in wet countriesIPX5
Military Special forcesIPX8

Good to know: no bag with a rolled closure will guarantee a waterproof sealing, regardless of the manufacturer