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    The courier and commuter combo The HPA Hip Pack ideal for storing small tools and everyday accessories. The messenger knife and its hexagonal hex of 15mm for fixies nuts. The bright LED patch to make yourself visible.

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    A delivery backpack XL The MESSENGER 60 is a bagpack developed specifically for couriers who deliver by bike, scooter or motorcycle. With its capacity of 60 liters, it will allow you to ensure whatever your mission.

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    Cargo bike bag, specially designed for Bullit and Open.modular interior, possibility of stiffening and / or make the cooler bag by sliding rigid plates in the lining.

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    Le tout-en-un avec une capacité monstre Dernier dans la famille des Messenger hPA, le sac MESSENGER 80 Isotherme affiche des caractéristiques hors normes: 80 Litres Doublage total isotherme Etanchéité parfaite Qualité de fabrication hPa en bâche PVC ultra robuste Ce sac devient la nouvelle référence pour tous les livreurs de repas chauds ou froids.

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    Tired of wearing your insulated bag on your back? The stem mount allows you to install ISOPACK 50 insulated backpack at the front of your bike. The mounting fits and retires in less than 10 seconds. No fixed installation on the hanger or the stem. Keeps the bag horizontal in all circumstances. Compatible only with hPa ISOPACK 50 insulated backpack.

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    The Messenger knife is the result of a collaboration with renowned couriers. It is equipped with a bottle opener and a 15mm hexagonal wrench, an essential tool for unscrewing and re-tightening the wheel nuts of fixed gear bicycles (fixies). It is the knife of the couriers!

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    LED flashing clip. Mode change at the touch of a button Fast flash Slow flash Fixed light Visible to several tens of meters. Clings everywhere thanks to its carabiner type clip. Useful on bike, running, on the schoolbag of a child ... Battery operated (supplied and replaceable) Available in White and Red

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