• Fishing

    hPa a toujours su proposer des produits innovants pour la pêche, tant en bagagerie que dans les accessoires.

    Pêche aux leurres, streetfishing, sup Fishing,....hPa a toujours été précurseur en concevant des produits dédiées à des pratiques de pêche émergentes.

  • Boating
  • Messengers
  • Photo Video
  • Bike
  • Moto
  • Hiking Bivouac
  • Rescue
  • EDC

    The EDC or Every Day Carry is always having a list of small items that are useful in all circumstances.
    Once your kit is made, you will not be able to do without it.

  • Military
  • Urbex

    The Urbex is an activity that consists of exploring sites constructed by man (buildings, underground galleries ...) and then left to abandon.

    The aesthetic value of these places is often the primary motivation of these explorations. Besides carrying safety equipment (lamps for example), it is common to want to transport audio-visual material to immortalize its discoveries.

    HPa products, due to their adaptation to hostile environments, are perfectly adapted to the Urbex practice.

  • Professionals

    Many professionals are looking for hardened equipment able to withstand the worst aggressions and protecting equipment very often of high value.

    In the hPa range, you will find standard products meeting these needs. Whether on an offshore platform or on a site in a hostile environment, our products will accompany you for better and for worse.

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    If nevertheless you do not find the corresponding product in our range, contact us, we will study together your project. From a few tens of units to several thousand, hPa will accompany you to find the most suitable product. Contact us

  • DIY