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    The RESKAPE (for Rescue / Escape Knife) is a safety knife for professional rescue at sea or in the mountains, and all sports enthusiasts where a cord or rope can be hazardous: Kite surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, diving, fishing exo or float tube, climbing ...

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    A rescue and emergency knife for sea and mountain professionals, the SMJ AW RESCUE (Air / Water) is specially designed to cut ropes (including very large diameter hawsers or towing ends). Already adopted by many rescuers and firefighters of the GRIMP (Group of Research and Intervention in Dangerous Environment). Available in yellow only

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    Rescue knife and emergency professionals from the sea and the mountains, the SMJ RESCUE AW (Air / Water) is specifically designed to cut ropes (including towing hawsers or bits of very large diameter). Already adopted by many rescuers and firefighters GRIMP (Group for Research and Intervention in Perilous Environment).

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    Survival and safety whistle required in any survival or rescue kit, to be located, alert, or warn of danger.

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    A bag designed to equip the IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) lifeboat. No webbing impedes the movement of the teammates in the boat. The bag is equipped with many passing on its back side to attach to the boat. The carabiners are not provided with the bag.

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