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    The bag INFLADRY 16 is a product designed for professionals who need a watertight bag with water, air, dust and moisture, and that the weight constraint is important.

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    DRY DUFFLE 50 HD (Heavy Duty) is probably the most advanced waterproof bag designed by hPa. Its size (50 liters) makes it suitable for most leisure activities requiring a waterproof bag: weekend or day boat, kayak, fishing trip ...

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    DRY DUFFLE 50 ZIP HD is an ultra-rugged semi-waterproof bag with a zip closure oversized YKK allowing quick and easy access to contents.

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    DRY DUFFLE 90 is the semi-waterproof carrying case with all tests with excellence. It was developed in conjunction with the technical service SNSM (National Society for Sea Rescue) team and all rescuers since spring 2009.

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    The MOLLEDRY is the first waterproof backpack fitted with loops at the MOLLE military standard. The Molledry is discontinued and will be replaced by a new model in the spring 2024 In the meantime, discover the new Hybriduffle range

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    The STUFF SACKS HPA waterproof bags are lightweight but sturdy (much more than models in silnylon or Cordura / nylon 30D ) to protect from the effects of moisture during outdoor activities.

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    LE sac pour les conditions les plus extrêmes Directement dérivé des produits réalisés pour les Forces Spéciales, l'Infladry 50 HD en reprend le concept et la fabrication. Nous avons juste retiré les fonctionnalités propres aux besoins militaires. Sac IP68 en conception double enveloppe Enveloppe externe en nylon 1680D Enveloppe interne IP68 en nylon 840D...

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The oil platform environment is extremely demanding for both men and equipment. The hPa waterproof bags are perfectly adapted.