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    Un sac polochon étanche à l'immersion Le sac polochon INFLADRY DUFFLE sera votre nouveau compagnon dans vos aventures humides. Réalisé en TPU soudé par ultrasons et équipé d'un zip étanche, il protègera son contenu même pendant une immersion accidentelle. Idéal pour toutes vos sorties en mer, voile légère ou hauturière, Kayak, Paddle, Jet ski... Volume 30...

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    DRY DUFFLE 50 HD (Heavy Duty) is probably the most advanced waterproof bag designed by hPa. Its size (50 liters) makes it suitable for most leisure activities requiring a waterproof bag: weekend or day boat, kayak, fishing trip ...

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    DRY DUFFLE 50 ZIP HD is an ultra-rugged semi-waterproof bag with a zip closure oversized YKK allowing quick and easy access to contents.

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    DRY DUFFLE 90 is the semi-waterproof carrying case with all tests with excellence. It was developed in conjunction with the technical service SNSM (National Society for Sea Rescue) team and all rescuers since spring 2009.

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    New ZIP68 range Made of TPU 420D and fitted with a 100% watertight/airtight zip, the Infladry 25 bag will become the new standard waterproof bag for all water and outdoor activities. The bag has a 100% waterproof front pocket and a removable interior compartment for a laptop.

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    A rescue and emergency knife for sea and mountain professionals, the SMJ AW RESCUE (Air / Water) is specially designed to cut ropes (including very large diameter hawsers or towing ends). Already adopted by many rescuers and firefighters of the GRIMP (Group of Research and Intervention in Dangerous Environment). Available in yellow only

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    Already widely used in the military world, waterproof socks are very successful in the field of leisure activities where they provide comfort that is appreciated in wet conditions. The socks are made of a waterproof, breathable and elastic membrane, sandwiched between two layers of knitted fabrics. M : 38/41L : 41/43XL : 43/46

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    Protected in a plastic shell with joints and a lock, this jet lighter is not afraid of water (it does not float).Piezo ignition by pressing a button. Works without battery.The lighter is delivered empty.To be filled with butane lighter refill.Delivered in a gift boxWeight: 55 grsDimensions: 70 x 48 x 17 mm Available in orange or camo

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just because you love the sea doesn't mean your gear needs to get wet

Whether for day-long sailing or a long-haul cruise, you will find in our range the bag suitable for protecting your belongings.

A sailor on a sailing dinghy such as a Finn for example, will appreciate being able to take on board a small bag with his personal effects. Once back on land, the waterproof bag will come in handy to avoid getting the car wet with a wet suit.

The navigator on board a cruise ship will appreciate being able to put his travel bag on a wet pier or at the bottom of a tender which is not always very waterproof.