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    FLASH SALE Without a doubt the best insulated delivery backpack for Uber Eats or DeliverooThe only backpack that can also carry pizzas horizontalyWorn on the back, this is a traditional insulated backpack to carry all types of meals. Installed on the handlebars, it allows you to deliver pizzas horizontaly Stem mount is optional but required for pizzas

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    A delivery backpack XL The MESSENGER 60 is a bagpack developed specifically for couriers who deliver by bike, scooter or motorcycle. With its capacity of 60 liters, it will allow you to ensure whatever your mission.

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    Le tout-en-un avec une capacité monstre Dernier dans la famille des Messenger hPA, le sac MESSENGER 80 Isotherme affiche des caractéristiques hors normes: 80 Litres Doublage total isotherme Etanchéité parfaite Qualité de fabrication hPa en bâche PVC ultra robuste logo HPA sur la poche avant (pas présent sur les photos).

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    The Messenger 100 bag is the largest bag in the HPA range.Not insulated, it is particularly suitable for parcel delivery.Its zip closure on the top allows it to reach a volume of more than 100 liters.

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    Tired of wearing your insulated bag on your back? The stem mount allows you to install ISOPACK 50 insulated backpack at the front of your bike. The mounting fits and retires in less than 10 seconds. No fixed installation on the hanger or the stem. Keeps the bag horizontal in all circumstances. Compatible only with hPa ISOPACK 50 insulated backpack.

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    Panneau en toile polyester pour personnaliser vos sacs de livraison HPA. L'impression se fait par procédé Flex (tournez vous vers un imprimeur local) Fixation par bandes velcro. Dimension: 30 cm X 33 cm Compatible avec nos sacs Messenger 80, Messenger 60 et Isopack 50. Disponible en pack impression comprise (à partir de 50 unités). Contactez-nous.

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    Cargo bike bag, specially designed for Bullit and Open.modular interior, possibility of stiffening and / or make the cooler bag by sliding rigid plates in the lining.

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    A waterproof backpack specially designed for biking Large capacity Light Very comfortable Volume: 30 Liters

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    This product is discontinued Discover the whole range of Delivery Bag from hPa. Discover the range

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    Delivery bag for courier in 40 liters version, light and comfortable. This bag is particularly suitable for deliveries by bike, scooter or motorcycle.

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Are you a professional courier or occasional food deliverer for platforms such as Deliveroo, Foodora, Stuart, Ubereats? At hPa you will find the delivery bag that suits your needs.
hPa designs and manufactures professional-quality courier bags that withstand the constraints of bike and motorcycle delivery.

If are looking for insulated delivery bag for food delivery, have a look at our category "insulated delivery bag".
Different criteria are to be taken into account when choosing a delivery bag.
The tightness of the bag is an important criterion when it is necessary to carry out delivery in rainy weather. hPa, specialist of the waterproof bag, realizes watertight bags using the materials and techniques of assemblies to guarantee an excellent waterproofness to splash water in rainy weather.
The manufacturing quality must be optimum for a bag that will serve intensively.
The volume of the bag must be suitable for use. Most bags are equipped with adjustment systems to adapt the volume of the bag to the load to be transported. We can thus ride in better conditions with a bag that is not too bulky and that knows how to be forgotten when it is empty.
Of course, we should not forget comfort, an essential criterion for a product that will be used daily. Quilted straps, ergonomic back, all factors that ensure comfort in everyday life.