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    The MOLLEDRY is the first waterproof backpack fitted with loops at the MOLLE military standard. The Molledry is discontinued and will be replaced by a new model in the fall

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    The bag INFLADRY 16 is a product designed for professionals who need a watertight bag with water, air, dust and moisture, and that the weight constraint is important.

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    Submersible waterproof bag (IP68 classification) from an over-stock of products manufactured by HPA for special forces. 100% military design and quality bag. It can also be used as a survival bag or as a motorcycle bag for long journeys. It will also be ideal for protecting high-value audiovisual equipment (digital cameras, pro-SLRs, telephoto lenses...

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    Synthèse parfaite entre un sac de type duffle bag (polochon) et un sac à dos grâce à son système de portage ergonomique et sa modularité : bretelles escamotables, poignées de portage amovibles et bandoulière pouvant être positionnées sur de multiples points d'accroches. Dimensions : Longueur : 60 cm Largeur : 35cm Hauteur : 23cm Poids : 2.2 kg

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