Flashing Patch

A reflective and flashing patch

This luminous velcro patch is perfectly adapted to the Masta Pouch.

Off, it reflects the light of the headlights of a car.

On, it offers a flashing position or fixed light.

Available in white or orange, do not forget to make your choice with the color picker.

Length: 23 cm

Width: 4 cm

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5,90 € tax incl.

From 5,31 € for your 1st order (tell me more)

From 5,31 € for your 1st order (tell me more)

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The hPa Luminous Patch has dimensions perfectly adapted to fit on the Masta Pouch.

Equipped with a replaceable battery CR2032, it emits either a continuous light, or flashes of light to make itself even more visible.

The light is provided by an LED, making its consumption minimal.

The lighting, the setting of the light mode and the extinction are done by pressing an internal switch located at one end of the light bar.


Available in white or orange, do not forget to make your choice with the color picker.

Length: 23 cm

Width: 4 cm


ratingNe fonctionne pas
Laurent T. on 2019-09-14

Je verrai pour changer la pile sinon le principe de ce patch est excellent.


Il s'agit du premier cas de défaillance sur ce patch...Nous allons vous en renvoyer un autre.

Merci de votre compréhension.

ratingFlashing patch
Norbert H. on 2019-09-03Nice little patch, good quality with strong Velcro on the back.
ratingPatch Rouge
Matelson M. on 2019-08-05Le patch était rouge et non pas orange pour moi. Ça éclair bien la nuit. Ça fait le boulot mais a voir au niveau autonomie ce que ça donne.
ratingBattery Replacement
Osvin S. on 2019-08-04The patch is bright, easily moved to different positions, and affordable. My only concern is battery life and the battery's placement and removal.
ratingPatch lumineux
Vincent Y. on 2019-07-24Le patch rajoute une visibilité qui augmente nettement la sécurité la nuit, le velcro permet une installation facile. Très satisfait du produit
ratingchoice, ecology
Remi r. on 2019-06-02

I would have been able to choose if I need it or not. It's like getting plastic bags in shops. I ride my bike and I eat low footprint food, it's not to get stuff that I have to throw away. I don't want to get more plastic. Plastic cannot be recycled more than 7 times. No plastic is biodegradable, despite some advertise messages. Be aware that some of your clients are cyclist due to ecological, responsible, lifestyle.


You're right, it's plastic. We are cyclists too and we see so many delivery people cycling in Paris without any light, that we think this is an important safety element.

Guillaume L. on 2019-05-30Envoyé en cadeau avec le sac de livraison, pratique et rajoute du cachet au sac niveau esthétique
REMI R. on 2019-05-21Sécuritaire et fonctionnel
Charlie J. on 2019-03-28pratique et sécuritaire
rating patch lumineux
Didier C. on 2018-05-13Produit bien pensé
ratingPatch lumineux
Guillaume D. on 2018-04-11très pratique
Alexandre P. on 2018-04-09Equipement de très bonne qualité