very light waterproof bag, recommended for:

  • discovering bikepacking and / or occasional bikepacking
  • short races (24 to 72 hours)
  • Utralleycats

Front bag Only

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very light waterproof bags, recommended for:

-The discovery of bikepacking and / or occasional bikepacking
-The races or short term patents (24 to 72)
-The utralleycats

They can also be tucked inside other bags to seal and allow to leave the content easily without having to pick up the bike.

320D nylon manufacture PU coating.

Velcro closure + winding.

System of flexible and adjustable strap.

stitched and laced assembly.

Front Volume : 6 to 8 liters

Front Bag

6 to 8 liters

Usage restrictions:
-The Bags are fully waterproof when new. Like all coated fabrics, impermeability tends to decrease with use, it may be necessary to re-waterproof after a while.
-The Use bikepacking MUCH material due to repeated friction. These bags are not suitable for intensive use (TCR, hiking several days, etc.), for which it is better to choose more robust products (1000D Cordura or 500 for example)

1 year warranty.