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    Protected in a plastic shell with joints and a lock, this jet lighter is not afraid of water (it does not float).Piezo ignition by pressing a button. Works without battery.The lighter is delivered empty.To be filled with butane lighter refill.Delivered (with a cord) in a gift boxWeight: 55 grsDimensions: 70 x 48 x 17 mm

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    Colored bright orange waterproof box with built-in scraper, containing 20 waterproof matches. These matches work even wet and windy.

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    Probably one of the best rod firelighters in the world because of the quality of its ferrocerium alloy (very large amount of sparks) and the scraper provided. The essential accessory for any survival kit.

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    Sparkie Fire Starter™ The Sparkie™ is a one-handed emergency fire starter that generates intense, hot sparks with minimal effort. Weight: 23 grs Dimensions: 59 x 32 x 16 mm

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